Stefanie Wharton

Stefanie Wharton
Arched – Lash & Brow Artistry
20 Sondal Crescent, Sonstraal Heights
Cape Town

My journey with Urban Lash & Brow Institute (UBI) started in August 2016 when I decided to be a model for a student doing the microblading course. At the time I was working as a Production Manager at senior level in Publishing/Media, but found that I fell in love with microblading right then and there. I naturally have very light and sparse brows, so suddenly having brows changed my life.

Two years later, in August 2018, I finally enrolled myself to do the microblading course with UBI. At the time all I wanted to do was offer the service part time to people that also needed their lives changed in the same way mine was changed. My hobby quickly became my obsession and I knew what I needed to do. In January 2019 I enrolled in the comprehensive lash course (Classic & Volume) at UBI.

I left the publishing industry at the end of that month and jumped into starting my own business. A new passion had sprouted and it was literally all that I could focus on. I threw myself into lashes and microblading with all I had. Here I am March 2020, juggling a client schedule and running my own small business from the comfort of my home, growing daily, with big dreams for the future.

Through all of this I have only one person to thank, the owner and trainer, and my mentor, Lisa Telo. With the most comprehensive training and post support groups, I know I made the right choice to follow my dreams through UBI. The standard is high, and so are the expectations. There is only one level to work towards, and that is perfection!

Until today, without fail, Lisa is always available to support, direct and advise.

Literally, UBI changed my life!

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