Microblading is quite lucrative as a career choice right now. The permanent eyebrow tattoo and beauty enhancement market is on the rise. Plenty of people are opting for permanent, hassle free enhancement after the trend was popularized by celebrities. The Microblading market in the USA alone is estimated to be at more than $300 million and it has taken the SA market by storm, it is relatively new but proven here and elsewhere, meaning that the timing is perfect to get in before it is too late.

It is one of the fastest growing career paths in the beauty industry right now. Here we look at some of the reasons why you should consider taking up Microblading as a career.

A Career in Microblading Is Lucrative

Microblading is a profession that offers you a chance to get financial freedom within the next three years. It requires little investment up front and most of the money that you will be spending will be on your own improvement.

It depends a lot on how much time you’re planning to devote to clients (and income creation). Most students recover their investment relatively quickly. But let’s break down the math…

We have used a very conservative model to showcase this fabulous career opportunity.
It is reasonable to assume that you can complete a session in about 120 minutes and you’ll get faster as you get better.

In Cape Town, graduates of The Lash & Brow Institute are charging between R1,200 and R2,000 per session. If they complete only a single session per day (weekdays only) at R1500 per session, then that earns them R30,000 per month. Two sessions per day? That’s R60,000 a month… R720,000 a year! And that’s just 2 sessions per day, 5 days a week. There’s plenty of room for growth over that. What if you do 3… or 4 sessions in a day?

Of course there are expenses and supplies, but it’s so easy to see that your initial 2 day training class fee will be a long distant memory as soon as you start taking on clients. The cost of the overheads and equipment is quite low. The overheads can be minimized by creating a small salon at home or by freelancing at another beauty salon – or both! Social media marketing also offers a lot more cost effective marketing solution than traditional media. If you are smart about it, these expenses are no more than a fraction of your total cost.

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Launch Your Beauty Career With The Hottest Skills!

Become financially independent whilst doing what you love.

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Microblading Helps Improve Women’s Self-Esteem

Many women are self-conscious about their eyebrows. This is because eyebrows are an important part of someone’s facial features. Better eyebrows can give people a lot of confidence in themselves and improve their perception of self-worth.

For some people, the hair is thin and doesn’t grow in well. For others, their eyebrows are misshapen.  Whatever the reason may be, Microblading can be a major confidence booster for many women. What can be better than a well paying career that lets you help others as well?

By improving your clients’ eyebrows you will be helping them do better in their day to day lives. People with higher self-esteem and confidence tend to perform better at work and social interactions. With Microblading expertise, you will learn a skill that you can use to help women build up their self-esteem.

A Truly Professional Career

Owning and running a Microblading business is both challenging and rewarding. Many people, especially women, feel stuck in careers that they don’t really enjoy but continue with them anyway because the pay is adequate.

Switching to the Microblading industry is easy. If you have the drive and passion for beauty products and want to run your own business, then talk to the fantastic team at The Lash & Brow Institute. They are consummate professionals with a wealth of knowledge and they truly care about ensuring that each of their students gets the best possible start to


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Launch Your Beauty Career With The Hottest Skills!

Become financially independent whilst doing what you love.

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