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ThIS Internationally Accredited Course IS done in, Salt rock, Kzn AND EVERYTHING IS THE SAME INCLUDING our kits.

  • Classic Lash Extensions


Day 1 : Brows

9:00 until 15:00 – Introduction. Theory, practice skin work. Colour theory. Demo by trainer.

Day 2: Brows

9:30 – Demo on a live model – Powder Brow.
12:00 - Lunch is served.
13:00 – Demo on a live model – Ombré brow.

Day 3: Lips

9:00 until 15:00 – Theory, practice skin work. Colour theory discussions. Demo by the trainer.

Day 4 : Lips

9:30 – Demo on a live model.
12:00 – Lunch is served.
13:00 – Demo on a live model.

Day 5: Eyeliner

9:00 until 15:00 – Theory, practice skin work. Shaping and demo by the trainer.

Day 6 : Eyeliner

9:30 – Demo on a live model, Lash Enhancer.
12:00 - Lunch is served.
13:00 – Demo on a live model, Wing Liner and Bottom Liner.


I am a qualified somatologist and have been in the industry since 2006. I have worked for salons since graduating and am grateful for the values learnt and experiences gained but always felt that I wanted my own unique space.

I opened my salon called Glow in 2014 and successfully introduced lashes to clients and have never looked back. I take great pride and satisfaction in the quality of my work and believe that by training a good lash artist I’m helping more clients have fabulous, healthy, long-lasting lashes. Although I do various treatments, teaching and mentoring fellow therapist and artists have brought me the most joy.

Lisa from The Lash and Brow Institute has given me the opportunity to train students in my area and I look forward to guiding and teaching the lash artists of the future!


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Please fill in the below form to apply for the Classic Lash Extension course that you wish to complete at our partner centre:
Glow Studios, Suite6 Club1, Linc Campus, Foxhill Lane, Salt Rock, Durban.

You will be contacted within 1 business day to confirm details and dates.

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Certification process

On completion of each course, case studies must be submitted to your trainer for scoring and assessment. 

A written theory exam is also required in order to obtain your Internationally Accredited Certification.

Please note

Not all students will qualify for certification and there is no guarantee of success unless all criteria are met. We feel this sets us apart and upholds a high standard for the Eyelash Extension industry.

Why train with us?

we support you every step of the way

 Besides training in the most up to date technology available and using only the best products and tools to get you on your way, we offer the following services:


We try to eliminate all the inconveniences for our students by providing them with a demonstration models database, as all our courses require live models to work on. This is very handy for our international students.
Payment plans: We have partnered with Mobicred, a registered financial services provider to offer all our prospective students a way to pay off their studies. One of the few things you SHOULD rightly be using credit for, is your education!

Our institute has formulated a unique grading or auditing system to rate the quality of your lash application between 1 and 6. One is newly certified, 6 is an expert MIcroblading therapist who can perform Microblading procedures and can train others to become a trainer. This is unique in South Africa, as nowhere else can you find a system of measuring this skill.

Being Internationally Accredited is one of our most important attributes and definitely a reason for you to train with The Lash & Brow Institute!