Eyebrow Microblading

Investment: R14 400

(Including kit)



Learn the art of 3D & 6D EYEBROW MICROBLADING

Our brand new and improved training course is a 3 day intensive course designed to introduce you to the exciting world of 6D microblading using our very own stroke pattern sequence so that you may become a working microblading therapist. This comprehensive class will teach you all aspects of 3-6D microblading, from custom designed client brow consultations to designing, mapping and drawing eyebrows. You will leave this class feeling enthusiastic to practice and master your craft.


Our EYEBROW MICROBLADING Course is a THREE-day training course.

After signing up for our Lash & Brow Institute 6D Microblading course you will be given our latest updated self-study prior to in-class training. Late registrations will be accepted, however it will require additional effort to complete the course in a shorter time period. Modules stated below will also be covered in class. Your time at the Lash & Brow Institute will consist of 3 days where your self-study discipline will be put to the test. You will be working on 4 or more live models under close supervision.


  • Microblading Consultation Process
  • Contraindications
  • The importance of Consent Forms
  • Face Shapes
  • Brow Shape, Size, Position & the Horizontal Line
  • Skin Types
  • Skin Tone & Colour
  • Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Li Pigment Module
  • Factors Affecting Pigment Retention
  • Product and Implements
  • Blades and Needles
  • Numbing & Anaesthetics
  • Problem Brows
  • Common Mistakes/Troubleshooting Microblading Brows
  • Microblading Procedure
  • Touch Up Procedure
  • Microblading Male Clients
  • Aftercare
  • Sterilization and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Liability and Insurance
  • Pricing and Profitability
  • Cell Phone Apps, Social Media & Photography

COST R14400


  • Includes a full NEW AND IMPROVED kit
    (Numbing creams can be excluded upon request, and discounted)
  • Microblading Training Manual
  • Certification From the Lash & Brow Institute and internationally recognised LASH INC UK certificate 
  • Access to our WhatsApp support group

Entry Requirements

  • No prior experience or license required, this is basic microblading as we cover the foundational protocols.
  • A creative flair, eye for detail and great fine motor skills are a plus but by no means a prerequisite as you will gain these characteristics over time.

A great benefit of doing the Lash & Brow Institute training is the amazing chance to work shadow in our busy City Centre salon.

     What To expect

    Our Microblading course is a three-day course. You will be required to study the content of the training manual prior to your course date. This is a fairly extensive manual so be sure to leave yourself enough time to study. 

    Students arrive 9am all three days.


    please note that models are the sole responsibility of the students (see Facebook closed group info further down)


    On day one we will begin by testing your knowledge of the study manual with a short exam. Following this you will be witness to a live demonstration carried out by a qualified technician. The remainder of the day will cover Brow mapping – correcting & refining shape practice, Learning the art of Stroke Pattern Sequence (SPS), Practicing the SPS on artificial skin within brow shapes,

    There is a little Homework after day one which comprises of 10 sets of brows using the SPS within sketched brow outlines. Please keep this evening free as this step is vital.

    No models required for day 1. 


    We start with an assessment of everyone’s homework and then move on to the exciting part whereby you will work on 2 live models under supervision using all the knowledge you have gained throughout the course. Models need to arrive 9:30 am for first model, and 1 pm for second model.


    You will once again work on 2 live models under supervision using all the knowledge you have gained throughout the course. Models need to arrive 9:30 am for first model, and 12 pm for second model. This is an additional day of practice, but with the advantage of your newly acquired microblading knowledge ending off with a grading of your performance in order to improve. This is an opportunity for questions and answers with your trainer and additional models under close supervision.


    Certification process

    On completion of your Self Study & 3 day training at the Institute you will then be expected to complete a total of 10 successful case studies (your 2nd model, 3rd and 4th optional class models count as case studies too). These studies need to be individually uploaded via our Student Dashboard for scoring & assessment in order to obtain your Lash & Brow Institute Microblading Certificate. 

    Please note

    Not all students will qualify for certification and there is no guarantee of success unless all criteria are met. We feel this sets us apart and upholds a high standard for the Eyelash Extension industry.

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    This kit contains enough product to complete approx 30 treatments

    • BLADES
    • SALINE
    • GLOVES

    (Numbing creams can be excluded upon request, and discounted)

    Each item within our Microblading Kit is hand selected by the Lash & Brow Institute.
    A full supplier list will be provided in the manual.


    “Training with The LASH BROW INSTITUTE is by far the best investment I have made in my career, it’s literally been life changing. Lisa IS exceptionally talented in HER field and HER knowledge and expertise speak volumes. The support and guidance received throughout and post training was hands on and Reassuring. The quality of training and products is by far the best I have come across within the industry and I can highly recommend them to those looking to start a new adventure or to grow and improve their current profession.”

    – Tamryn Combrink

    Training calendar



    The calendar displaying the lash brow institute training schedule

    MICROBLADING Earning potential

    Why train with us?

    we support you every step of the way

     Besides training in the most up to date technology available and using only the best products and tools to get you on your way, we offer the following services:


    We try to eliminate all the inconveniences for our students by providing them with a demonstration models database, as all our courses require live models to work on. This is very handy for our international students.
    Besides training in the most up to date technology available, using only the best products and tools to get you on your way! Our sister company The Urban Beauty Lounge offers all our students the opportunity to job shadow within a true salon environment. We also offer our best students great work opportunities within Urban for full time/part time OR freelance options.
    Payment plans: We have partnered with Mobicred, a registered financial services provider to offer all our prospective students a way to pay off their studies. One of the few things you SHOULD rightly be using credit for, is your education!

    Our institute has formulated a unique grading or auditing system to rate the quality of your lash application between 1 and 6. One is newly certified, 6 is an expert MIcroblading therapist who can perform Microblading procedures and can train others to become a trainer. This is unique in South Africa, as nowhere else can you find a system of measuring this skill.

    Being Internationally Accredited is one of our most important attributes and definitely a reason for you to train with The Lash & Brow Institute!

    Eyebrow Microblading

    Investment: R14 400

    (including kit)