Microneedling Training


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NOTE: Certified Skincare training is a prerequisite for this course.

If you have not yet had any skincare training, you can easily add our 1-Day Skincare Course to your purchase when enrolling for Microneedling.

Learn the art of MICRONEEDLING (face/Neck Only)

Microneedling, also known by many as Collagen Induction Therapy or Skin Needling, is a cosmetic procedure which involves the rapid continuous puncturing of the skin with tiny micro sterile needles aided by the use of various active serums during the treatment.

The concept of this Microneedling Facial procedure is to create numerous “micro-injuries” on the surface of your skin to improve your complexion through the resulting body’s production of collagen. Microneedling is known to improve the appearance of acne scars (fading them), stretch marks, reducing pore size, improving the texture and quality of the skin, and also to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling COURSE OUTLINE

    Days  1 & 2 – Theory, Exam and Live Demo

    We will cover the following:

    • What is microneedling
    • What to expect during a microneedling treatment
    • Main benefits to microneedling
    • Risks or side effects to microneedling
    • Contraindications to microneedling
    • Fast Facts
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Microneedling aftercare
    • Products to use and avoid
    • Cosmetic and medical microneedling
    • Microneedling and nano needling
    • Microneedling and skin depth
    • Effective serum ingredients
    • Choosing serums
    • The Ordinary product range
    • Ingredients to avoid
    • Introduction to the skin
    • Layers & functions of the skin
    • Cells of the epidermis
    • What are the Different skin types
    • Skin conditions
    • Skin type vs skin condition
    • Client consultation
    • Client consultation tips
    • The importance of consent forms
    • Numbing & anaesthetic
    • Client preparation
    • The 3 different techniques for microneedling
    •  Introduction to the Dr Pen Ultima M5
    •  M5 specifications and advantages
    • How to use the Dr Pen Ultima M5
    • Cleaning the Ultima M5
    • Step by step procedure
    • Case studies
    • Case study criteria
    • Good quality images
    •  Sterilisation and blood bourne pathogens
    • Resources, apps, social media and photography
    • Pricing and profitability
    • Liability and insurance
    • Disclaimer
    • Demonstration on a model
    • Theory Exam

    Day 3 – Practical

    You will be required to work on 2 models and perform the following:

    • Give a thorough client consultation which should include recognition of skin type and condition/ concern
    • Choose the appropriate products for treatment
    • Choose the appropriate settings on Dr Pen (speed & depth)
    • Perform a successful treatment
    • Client aftercare
    • Recommend skincare regime

    Once you have completed the course you will be obliged to submit a certain number of successful case studies in order to receive your certificate of achievement. This topic will be explained in more detail in theory.

    Skincare course

    Please note this course is purely targeted at the anatomy and physiology of the skin. This is particularly important if you are taking any of our other courses that involve skin knowledge, for example, microneedling, permanent make up it does not offer facial techniques or other skin treatments. 

    Day 1

    In this course you will learn the following:

    • Introduction of the anatomy and physiology of the skin
    • The layers of the skin and their functions
    • The cells within the skin and their functions
    • The importance of skin depth
    • The depth at which various treatments are safely performed
    • How to identify different skin types
    • How to identify different skin conditions


      from R11500 incl. VAT (excl. KIT)

       (Contact us for Kit options)

      Why train with us?

      we support you every step of the way

       Besides training in the most up to date technology available and using only the best products and tools to get you on your way, we offer the following services:


      We try to eliminate all the inconveniences for our students by providing them with a demonstration models database, as all our courses require live models to work on. This is very handy for our international students.
      Payment plans: We have partnered with Mobicred, a registered financial services provider to offer all our prospective students a way to pay off their studies. One of the few things you SHOULD rightly be using credit for, is your education!

      Our institute has formulated a unique grading or auditing system to rate the quality of your lash application between 1 and 6. One is newly certified, 6 is an expert MIcroblading therapist who can perform Microblading procedures and can train others to become a trainer. This is unique in South Africa, as nowhere else can you find a system of measuring this skill.

      Being Internationally Accredited is one of our most important attributes and definitely a reason for you to train with The Lash & Brow Institute!

      MICRONEEDLING Training


      from R11500 incl. VAT (excl. Kit)

       (Contact us for Kit options)