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The Certification Process for Eyelash Extensions

Step One

Practice the lash application process for a couple of weeks from home using models or a mannequin head to get your technique and speed right. Approximately 20 – 40 sessions should get you ready for attempting certification. Please don’t rush to certify without this part. PLEASE NOTE, do not waste time practicing Classic lashes if you did the Combination course. ONLY practice the Russian Volume lashes.

Step Two
Once you feel your speed is closest to one hour and 30 minutes for classic eyelash extensions or if you did the combo course: 2 hours for a volume full set, book a model and use this opportunity to film/take photos for grading. You must complete a full set of eyelashes on a model at your own premises. Please film the “picking” or checking process close up, with eye pads on. Request the sample images for me to send to illustrate what imagery/video is required BEFORE doing your model.Remember once again, only practice and certify doing Russian Volume lashes if you did the combocourse. No classic models are required.

Step Three
At any stage of this process you must complete our online theory exam, this can be before OR after your practical. This is done from the comfort of your own premises, at your own convenience. Please do not rush to certify as there is no way any student will be ready in the first few weeks. Take the time allocated to do this properly to save both your time and your trainer’s time.

Find your classic and/or volume lash theory exam in the dashboard of our http://www.lashbrowinstitute.co.za site which will be in the back end ready for you. Please note you may retry if you do fail however you need to read through the course work one more time to refresh your memory.

What are we looking for in order to pass you? On a scale of 1 – 6 a newly certified student would really only be a grade 1 in skill level, they are able to stick the lashes accurately, angle the extensions correctly and place them the desired distance from the root. Most lashes should be filled but they won’t be failed if it’s not 100% coverage. What constitutes a fail? Clumps, too far from the root, skipped areas (inner lashes) or outright poor workmanship.Poor quality photos or blurry videos are an instant fail. Please ask a colleague to film for you. See the samples for the desired angles and leave eye pads on for the videos.

There is a 3-month limit for qualifying for your eyelash extensions certification.

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