When it comes to getting Microblading training and certification, professionals have a lot of choices these days. Some institutes have expert trainers on their panel while others have a well designed course covering all the newest techniques.

Potential students should consider what specific qualities to look for when choosing a Training provider. Do you want to complete a course just to be left behind as soon as a new or updated technique has been introduced? Would you rather pay less for a course where you don’t get any hands on experience rather than a more expensive training program where you get many opportunities to work with live models?

Can you afford to keep attending different courses in order to keep up? Read on to see how you can always stay ahead in the ever progressing beauty industry.

Understand the Training Process

Microblading can be considered a form of Permanent Makeup. It is treated as a separate and distinct form of art by professionals. If you compare permanent tattoos done by machines with Microblading, it is quite clear that Microblading allows thinner, more realistic and natural looking hair strokes.

Becoming good at Microblading requires months of training and practice before a professional can start charging clients for the treatment. It is important to achieve clean, crisp strokes and good pigment retention. In the beginning, students should practice with the trainer present. After they gain confidence and experience on artificial skin, they can move on to practice on live models.


3 – 6 months of practice is recommended in order to obtain Microblading expertise. A student should be capable of achieving the following results:

  • The ability to stretch the skin correctly while working
  • Keeping both bows symmetrical
  • Creating different natural strokes
  • The ability to calculate the eyebrow shape based on the Golden Mean Ratio method
  • Selection of accurate color ratio

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The Certification Process

Most training institutes provide certification at the conclusion of the training process. The certificate gives an overview of the number of hours trained and knowledge acquired. Depending on the institute, the certificate may also contain relevant information about the number of procedures completed by the student. The Urban Lash & Brow Institute provides an internationally recognised certification to qualifying students, many of whom have gone on to work abroad and even on cruise ships!

On completion of your Self Study & 3 day training at the Institute you will then be expected to complete a total of 10 successful case studies (your 2nd model, 3rd and 4th optional class models count as case studies too). These studies need to be emailed to your trainer individually for scoring & assessment in order to obtain your Urban Lash & Brow Institute Microblading Certificate. Please note not all students will qualify for certification and there is no guarantee of success unless qualifying criteria are met.

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