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Purchase products/Training on Credit with Mobicred

PLEASE NOTE; There is an application and vetting process to this finance. The Lash & Brow Institute has teamed up with MobiCred to offer you easy and affordable credit to finance your beauty education and products. Please note there is a slight delay in enrollment if you select to apply for credit as there is a vetting process first requiring paperwork from the applicant.

Mobicred is a revolutionary South African online finance product that allows users to apply for, and receive a facility in real-time (if you meet the credit criteria). The service is specifically designed to operate with online e-commerce stores. Best of all, the system is completely card-less.

Mobicred applicants can study immediately, no deposit required and their certification is not limited by their final payment.


Mobicred is revolving credit which means as soon you start paying back you will have more credit available.

What are the requirements in order to qualify? 

  1. A Valid South African ID Number
  2. Applicants must be 18 or older
  3. Earn a minimum monthly salary of R5500
  4. An existing bank account, in your name
  5. A valid and active email address and contact cellphone number


Do you not qualify? Don’t be alarmed! Mobicred will allow your family or spouse to apply in their own name in order to stand surety for this great revolving credit. 

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the Mobicred registration form.
  2. You will get an answer instantly
  3. Once approved, navigate back to the Lash & Brow Institute website.
  4. Select the training course(s) you want to enroll in .
  5. Purchase and checkout as normal using your Mobicred details.

It’s simple, convenient, secure and fast!

Apply once-off online

Accept Ts&Cs and get your credit limit

You're ready to shop online

One single monthly installment