Models Info

Join our Facebook group “UrbanModelsWanted” to find models on whom you can do live treatments as practice/case studies

If you don’t make use of Facebook please let your administrator know, we can send you a spreadsheet of contacts to call

Working with models:

Please note: volunteering to be a model means this is a free service to models, in order to allow us to spend very long hours practicing on them – they get free treatments, therefore its a mutually beneficial agreement

  1. Try to arrange one model and organise a back up model as well who you could keep on standby. You will usually be swamped with messages from volunteers, so offer second place to someone who can be available on short notice. She can then be your model at another stage of the training process.
  2. Please don’t allow models to dominate, or dictate the time and the treatment specifics (obviously brow shaping and colour we allow them to decide) but this is a learning environment,
  3. Late coming or no-shows are not acceptable to our learners. Manage this carefully. Report this to your trainer so she can be removed from the group. 
  4. Report all late coming or late cancelling models to administration – these models have to be removed from our group to prevent recurrence of this.

Where possible, attempt to ask friends or reliable family as The Lash & Brow Institute cant take liability for volunteers from our facebook group. If you have no choice but to use the groups service please read the following:

  • Try to book closer to the time as sourcing a model too far from class date might result in a forgotten commitment
  • Confirm with your model a day or so prior, remind her about our location, being early and any prep needed (such as the necessity to wash her lashes over and over again on the morning of lash training)
  • Try not to operate under assumptions regarding their knowledge of the training process, they are not informed as to how this works.  For many this is their first time volunteering.
  • This process can be a bit anonymous so keeping in touch with your model will make them feel more beholden to you and your learning process and not to cancel at short notice.
  • Inform your model just how damaging it will be if she doesn’t show up – having to sit and watch others do a practical (or scramble back onto facebook to locate a model close by is stressful)
  • Keep a relationship with good models, let them come for touch-ups at your house and they very well might become either firm friends or ongoing paying customers!


Most of all, enjoy your class at the Institute – you deserve it!