Our signature adhesive, for both Classic, Volume and Hybrid use

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“n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate, Poly Alkyl Methacrylate, Poly Isocyanate, Pigment, N-methyl pyrrolidone.

  • Low fume
  • Retention: 4+ weeks
  • Ideal Temperature : 20-25C
  • Ideal Humidity : 50 – 70% RH (relative humidity)
  • Viscosity : Thin
  • Flexibility : High
  • Shelf Life Unopened : 1 year (store at room temperature)
  • Shelf Life Opened : 4 weeks

Store in a cool dry place, DO NOT STORE IN THE FRIDGE.

All adhesives need a 3-minute shake before using.

  • Isolate the natural lash before picking up or dipping the extension. Dip 2-3mm into the adhesive for Classic and 1-2mm for Volume Lash application.
  • Never dip too far up the lash, don’t “paint” the lash with excess adhesive. Never tap off excess adhesive onto eye pads or foil, dip optimum amount of adhesive.
  • Dip slowly enough that the optimum amount of adhesive is transferred.