Eyebrows, one of the most prominent facial features, play a big part in creating an attractive visage. There are a lot of cosmetic options for improving these features that accentuate the eyes. It is no surprise that so many people spend time and money to get beautiful looking brows.

If you’re not satisfied with the eyebrows you have, there are plenty of options that you can avail for enhancing their appearance. A rudimentary option would be to rely on cosmetic products like brow gel and pencils. If these products don’t do the job, you can always turn to Microblading – the very natural-looking and semi-permanent option that has become widely available in recent years. It is perfect for people looking for a way to get their brows more defined, cover gaps or improve the arch shape.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure involving tattoo artistry in which a small pigment is implanted in the epidermal layer of the skin that is in and around the brows. Instead of using machines like tattoo artists, the procedure involves the use of handheld tools.

The procedure is not as deep as regular tattoos. This makes it temporary and pigmentation usually lasts from 10 months to 3 years.

Thousands of people have had Microblade treatments that are known to be completely safe. The treatment is non-invasive and can be completed within a few hours. No special preparations are required before the procedure. However, patients are advised not to use alcohol, aspirin, blood thinners or caffeine during the healing process.

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Considering a Career in Microblading?

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Types of Microblading

The Digital or Pen Machine involves the use of a motorized pen for tattooing. This Microblading technique requires more precise work from the artist. It penetrates the pigment deeper into the epidermis which makes for longer lasting colors.

This treatment is quite gentle on the skin. In most cases, healing is quicker than most manual methods once the correct pressure and homecare is applied.

The hand method makes use of hand tools with no electric or motorized parts to tap or apply pigment into the skin. This technique has many different names but most of them are quite similar. It requires an expert level artist as all applications aim to work the pigment as close to the surface of the skin as possible.

The Phibrow technique has become one of the fastest growing methods of semi-permanent brow improvement all over the world. In this technique, the incisions are calculated according to face morphology. This is done with the help of a ratio tool to get a precise and accurate map of each and every client’s eyebrows.

Why is Microblading So Popular?

Nobody understands this quite as well as the trainers at The Lash & Brow Institute in Cape Town who were instrumental in introducing Microblading into South Africa. They recognised the value of Microblading and identified these as the four main reasons why the treatment would become so popular.

  1. The treatment offers a very natural looking improvement to eyebrows. Unless you take a very close inspection, you won’t be able to tell the difference between eyebrows that have been enhanced and those that are natural.
  2. The procedure is not based on the latest fashion or makeup looks. The treatment can be tailored to each individual client’s preference and there are plenty of options for customization.
  3. Microblading requires very low maintenance. A single treatment can last between 10 months and 3 years. During this period, users don’t need to take any additional steps to maintain the pigmentation.
  4. Microblading can be used by teenagers as well as people who are in their late 40s and 50s. There is no age limit for the procedure and anyone can benefit which is why so many people are attracted to it.


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Considering a Career in Microblading?

Learn How to Launch Your Career with the Hottest New Skills.

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