If you are looking to get training in Microblading, it is very important that you do your research and look at all the aspects of each training provider. Before you sign on and make a commitment for the next six months, you want to be confident that you have selected the right course. In most cases, the cheapest is not necessarily the best.

We have made a list of questions you should ask when looking for your training course. Getting it wrong will leave you feeling confused, frustrated and could cost you much more in the long-term.

1. What Credentials Do The Trainers Have?

Before signing up, try to find out who your trainers will be. At The Urban Lash & Brow Institute you will be expertertly guided by the experienced and highly qualified team of Charlie Corkill Boonzaier and Lisa Telo. Review their bios and don’t accept training from anyone less qualified.

Try to make sure that you get trained by the highest level of experts. If you get trained by the best, your standard of work will reflect this. If your trainers are still performing treatments themselves, it will also ensure you are being taught the most up-to-date methods by professionals who are active in the industry.

Apart from being active, experienced and competent in the field, trainers must also be good listeners and be available. Your trainers should be able to give you time and answer your questions when you get stuck.

2. How Long Is The Microblading Training Course?

This is an important question to ask before you begin your training. Ask your training institute how many hours you will spend on the practical training and how much are you required to do outside of the academy? The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (SPCP) recommends a minimum of 100 hours of training in total before you can be certified as a competent artist.

Your training period is the time when you learn not just the science behind Microblading but the art as well. Don’t be afraid to try out new patterns and techniques when working on mats. Experiment, learn and grow. A good trainer encourages students to learn a variety of styles rather than focusing on a select few patterns that have been done to death.The more training you receive from your trainer, the more confident and skilled you will become.

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3. What does the Training Cover?

This sounds like an irrelevant question to ask – the training is obviously going to teach you the art of Microblading, right? But what else does it cover? There is more to it than just the art. As a Microblading technician, you are going to need to know how to market yourself and your services. If you’re planning on starting your own business from home or opening your own salon, then you will want to train with someone who has experience in running the salon side of the business and who can give you practical tips and advice on the business side of the industry. You can also ask them if your trainers are going to be providing any training on how to advertise your services. Remember, no matter how great you become as a Microblading artist, you cannot showcase your skills or generate income without clients.

4. Do You Provide Real Live Models?

This private Facebook group is provided by The Urban Lash & Brow Institute for the sole purpose of recruiting training models.

Be sure to ask your trainers about the possibility of live models before signing up.

While training on mats is all good in the beginning, once you progress beyond a level, your trainer should move you on to live models. There’s nothing better that working on a real-life model to hone your skills and get used to performing a treatment for future clients. The Urban Lash & Brow Institute assists with arranging live models for their students, while other trainers may leave you struggling to try and recruit your own models.

5. Do You Offer Job Shadowing Opportunities?

There is no substitute for on the job training and support. Find out if your trainers can provide you with an opportunity to shadow a qualified and practiced therapist while they work. You can gain invaluable insight and understanding this way, improving your skills in the art of Microblading and how best to engage with clients. This option is a great way to learn and experience the treatment in real time.

For example, The Urban Beauty Lounge has a successfully trained team of certified Microblading Therapists who perform this treatment all day long. Which means that The Urban Lash & Brow Institute can offer their students a wonderful opportunity to work-shadow and observe a qualified therapist in action.

6. What Support Do You Provide After The Training?

After training support is absolutely critical! Make 100% certain that you can get it AND if there will be any cost for it… there shouldn’t be. Having access to your trainers after the training is one of your most valuable resources and a key to success, so you should seriously consider selecting a training institution in your own city as after sales support is vital!

There is no substitute for practical knowledge. After you begin working an abundance of questions will appear, and then you are going to need all the support that you can get. Training with The Lash & Brow Institute will ensure that you get ongoing support – your trainers are never more than a phone call or Whatsapp away. The process of achieving perfection is a lifelong journey, and you’re going to want to train with someone who can go on that journey with you.


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Launch Your Beauty Career With The Hottest Skills!

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